HP IceWall SSO Authenticator

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Developer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

This app is designed to work with HP IceWall SSO*.

In order to use this app, it is necessary to install HP IceWall SSO and One Time Authentication Tool on the server. If those middlewares are not installed on the server, you cannot use this application.

HP IceWall SSO Authenticator is an application for smartphones that allows you to perform multi-factor authentication by entering the OTP (One Time Password).

Only once at the beginning, you need to register user ID, password, and key of OTP on the smartphone. After that, you can login to the Web sites by only entering the pass code including OTP generated automatically. OTP of HP IceWall SSO Authenticator is compliant with OATH.

* HP IceWall SSO, Web single sign-on solution originally developed by HP Japan and marketed for the global markets, provides a highly convenient and comfortable yet highly secure environment. Since its first release in 1997, HP IceWall SSO has seen its adoption in intranet, B-to-C, B-to-B, and many other services globally with more than 40 million user licenses sold so far all over the world.

In the latest version, HP IceWall SSO 10.0, “HP IceWall Federation” is bundled. HP IceWall Federation is a federated authentication solution and enables single sign-on fast and easily into major public cloud services such as Salesforce.com.